About us

Hi! I’m Mary and welcome to Fifth & Vintage! I’m so glad you are here and I hope you take a look around and find something you love. I am a fashion blogger who takes pride in having my own unique style and am a firm believer in being yourself! I love finding unique items that no one else has. To me, fashion should be F U N and if you feel fabulous in it, wear it! I don’t go by the rules, and neither should you ;)

Fifth & Vintage pays homage to my grandmother, Dottie. Dottie had a vintage clothing store called Nostalgia Boutique for many years and lots of memories were made running around her store trying on the most exquisite vintage pieces. Thrifting and vintage runs deep in my blood. From my grandmother, to my aunts, and my mother, it’s something I’ve always known.

With the way the fashion industry is going, I wanted to make second hand/vintage attainable to people who wouldn’t normally try wearing it. It can be overwhelming to walk into a thrift store and not know where to start, so we do the work for you! We find all the gems and make it easy for you. Consider us your thrifting concierge! If you have anything specific you are looking for, shoot us an email and we will keep our eye out :) 

On our site you’ll find a range of things. Some will be older vintage, some will be newer vintage, and some will be newer, but second hand. We don’t discriminate when it comes to second hand clothing. It’s all welcome!

Thanks for shopping with us and doing your part to slow the fast fashion trend. We can be sustainable, one piece at a time. Every little bit counts!

If you see something you love, but aren’t sure how to style it, send me an email, or DM me over on our Insta and I’ll send you some ideas on how to wear it!!

Thanks for shopping with us and supporting small. When you shop small, an actual family does a happy dance! That family includes JW, our amazing daughters Sophia & Jade, and me!